Understanding Search Engine Marketing Basics

Understanding Search Engine Marketing Basics

Understanding Search Engine Marketing Basics Search engine advertising (SEM) is a form of marketing on the internet to increase the visibility of a website on search engine results pages.

In other words “buy” traffic by paying search engines like Google. Search engines are widely accessed by the public to find various information on the internet. Including to find information on products or services along with their reviews. By using an SEM strategy, marketers can increase the likelihood of potential customers visiting websites when they are looking for information. The way SEM works is that the ad selects several keywords related to the product or service being sold. So, when people search for those keywords, search engines will show paid search result

What is the Importance of Using SEM? SEM is an effective promotional medium and the fastest way to direct potential customers to your website. Why? Because effective SEM can put your website on the first page in search engines. Search engine users generally only access sites on the first page of search engines when they are looking for information. That way, effective SEM will increase the chances of your website being chosen by potential customers who need information. Potential customers who are conducting information searches consciously visit your website on their own free will so they are in a very good position to receive marketing and product information. In contrast to advertisements on television, radio or other social media that appear by interrupting consumer activities. Search engine marketing reaches consumers at the right time when they are open to new information.

Difference with SEM and SEO Basically search engine optimization or SEO is one type of search engine marketing. SEO optimizes organic search results by getting your website in the highest position on search engine results pages. Meanwhile, SEM does marketing by increasing website visibility through organic search results and also through advertising. So SEM includes various activities, namely SEO as well as marketing strategies on other search engines such as pay per click (PPC) and even social media marketing (SMM).


-Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Work System In Search Engine Marketing, you have to focus on driving more traffic to certain areas of the targeted website. Search Engine Marketing is used to:

-Creating new leads or potential customers.

-Selling a product. Build a certain brand or brand.

-Divert traffic from competitors or competitors.